CAM -Design

Computer-assisted design is widely used in manufacturing for various purposes. In practice this refers to transferring the geometric data of the CAD designs together with tools, machine features and processed materials into an NC-code.

The same NC-program is compatible with all processing machines within the company thus reducing work for the programmers. One of the key benefits of CAD programs is that they enable 5-axis machining. Another benefit is that it also allows companies to consider manufacturing during design phase, which reduces design and manufacturing costs by eliminating waste.

Our CAM design services include:

  • Manufacturing, Milling and Turning
  • Machine Simulation
  • Machine Assemblies and  Postprocessors

Loadable machines and their post processors:

  • Fadal 3016 FX, control: CNC 32
  • Mazak Vertical Center Nexus 410A, control Mazatrol 640M Nexus
  • Mazak Super Quick Turn 250 MSY, control Mazatrol 640T
  • GMC 600, control Fanuc 0M