FEM -Analyses

Gold Cam provides professional, computer-assisted stress analysis, also known as FEM-analysis. The calculation aims to optimize the structural shape, material usage and validate structural strength.

Confirming the structural durability in the design phase also helps to mitigate expensive and dangerous design errors. This may even enable producing a product, which in turn eliminates the need to create and test multiple prototypes.

The stress-strain analysis examines relevant quantities of a structure, such as stresses and strains to optimize its safety, load handling and cost efficiency.

FEM-analysis services:

  • Parts and assemblies strength calculations
  • Steel structures
  • Thermal analysis, U-value calculation


Component and Assembly Strength Analysis:

Steel structures:


Heat analyzes, U-value calculation for wall structures:


Analyzes for different structures:

Temperature profile:

The wall of the verification example consists of:
Concrete 50mm, mineral wool 100mm and concrete 100mm.
U-value = 0.48. Does not meet the SRMK C3 (2010) requirement 0,17 W/m2K